Combatants are the characters the player may choose to play as in Web of Fate.

Who are the Combatants?Edit

Combatants are participants in the Games, entities who are willing to fight and die, albiet temporarily, whether to entertain the population of Var-Deyniir, or to settle a dispute between the four nations. 

Kinds of CombatantsEdit

There are four groups of Combatants: Casters, Carries, Fighters and Supports. They are then seperated further into two subsections, Offensive and Defensive. The purpose of this is to give an idea of their playstyle, possible even whether they're ranged or melee, good at taking damage or good at dealing it. The list below gives a rough overview of what role each of the groups can perform. 

  • Caster: Casters are Combatants who specialise in dealing damage with their abilites, usually by using magic to aid them, and are thus deal primarily magic damage. Offensive: Offensive Casters are all-out damage dealers, usually focusing a single or multiple targets down quickly, killing them or severly wounding them. This makes them powerful duelists, as well as making them some of the most feared Combatants in Web of Fate. Defensive: Defensive Casters are Casters who, although their primary focus is dealing damage, have some skills that give them utility to a team other than damage, such as a healing or shielding spell. This means that, although they're not as good at focusing targets down quickly, they are better in combination with their team. 
  • Carry: Carriers are Combatants who use their basic attacks to deal damage, and as such deal mainly physical damage. 

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